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Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design Remodeling and Home Design

Chicago/Miami Interior Design

TWD has had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful clients, architects, artists and trades on a variety of residential interior design projects across the Country.  The firm’s priority is to improve each client’s fundamental experience of home.  We create interior design that nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of its’ inhabitants within a visually stand-out environment.  Clients value our special ability to focus on design factors that will make the biggest impact on their enjoyment of their space.
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Nothing yields a more unforgettable interior design than custom work. One-of-a-kind pieces, made for particular clients by exceptional artisans and craftspeople, lend distinctive character and personality to any room.

By customizing, we can tailor a piece to precise size, individual comfort and preferences.  An unlimited range of materials, finishes, trim and detail is available.  Custom pieces adapt to oddly shaped areas and can utilize every square inch of available space.  

When ordering products from decorator showrooms, there are many options available.   Taking advantage of the many finishes, materials, hardware and colors, specifying dimensions and more, each piece can be detailed specifically to suit a particular space and project.

It is not necessarily more expensive to have fully customized furnishings made locally, and specifically for you. A custom piece can be comparable in cost and quality to a name designer offering from a showroom.  Eliminating freight can account for substantial savings too. Additionally you get to “test sit” locally-built fully custom upholstery during construction, enabling us to make adjustments in depth, firmness, seat height and angle to ensure that the end result will be comfortable as well as handsome.

Bathrooms and kitchens are today’s new living spaces. Kitchen and bath designs are complex puzzles that require meticulous attention to detail, maximized function and use of space, precise sizing, understanding of new, green technology, access to exciting and unique materials and finishes, and up-to-the-minute knowledge of available appliances and fixtures.

Bathrooms have morphed from tiny, dark, function-only “water closets” into generous, well lit spaces. Make-up tables, elaborate shower and bathing areas and luxurious indoor furniture are incorporated into today’s baths. Outdoor garden areas or interior green space may be part of the design.

Kitchens, once relegated to the cook, are now gathering places for family and guests. They include spacious eat-in areas, multi-level work surfaces, precision lighting and built-in-everything.   My innovative kitchens and invigorating bathroom designs take all these custom options into consideration.

To heighten the architectural presence of an interior space, I suggest ceiling coves, wall niches, columns, custom trims and surface treatments as the space requires. Altering the size or alignment of a doorway, or detailing the often-forgotten floor and ceiling planes are possibilities that I consider to maximize the visual impact of the interior architecture.