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TWD has had the opportunity to collaborate with many wonderful clients, architects, artists and trades on a variety of residential interior design projects across the Country.  The firm’s priority is to improve each client’s fundamental experience of home.  We create interior design that nurtures the psychological and physical well-being of its’ inhabitants within a visually stand-out environment.  Clients value our special ability to focus on design factors that will make the biggest impact on their enjoyment of their space.
Contact Terri today to explore how, together, you can transform your residence to maximize the comfort, productivity and pleasure your home can provide.

Adaptive Misuse and Found Objects

I coined the term "Adaptive Misuse" to convey the possibility of old objects or materials enjoying a new life.

An incurable flea market scavenger, I trawl the world's antique shows, garage and yard sales, architectural salvage warehouses, estate sales, and junkyards in search of items with "good bones" on which I can impose an imaginative new purpose. My "finds" provide the raw material for these playful flights of fancy.  Adding whimsy and quirky-ness where they land, they are also sustainable design, as no new materials are being used, and something of the past is being preserved.

A dentist’s tool cabinet,stripped of paint and sealed is used to organize kitchen utensils, the bumper from an old truck headlights re-wired, hangs above a boy's bed lighting the room and the artwork on the opposite wall, a four-foot diameter French enamel clock face crowds the end wall of a small powder room.  The hands are outfitted with hooks for towels. The dramatic and unexpected change of scale, and the towels “melting” on the hooks is reminiscent of Salvador Dali.