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The bedroom is the most personal, private sanctuary within a home.  Some envision this room as a place of restful tranquility, a place to sleep and dream.  Others see it as an escape, a quiet retreat from the outside world, somewhere to read or catch up on the news uninterrupted.  It's universally acknowledged as the go-to destination for romance and passion.

Center stage to every bedroom is the bed, the design of which will set the stage for the rest of the room.  Beds range from sleek and spare, low to the ground, to dreamy and romantic, surrounded by yards of drapery.  To one or both sides usually sits a nightstand or table to receive a book, glasses and other paraphernalia we keep bedside.  The “matched set” is no longer de rigueur, and unexpected objects can be "adaptively misused” to serve the purpose of night tables.  The style and character of these pieces set the personality of the room.  Seating and storage provide additional opportunities to set the stage.  A bedroom interior can be simplified with built-in storage, or closets can be replaced with distinctive armoires and intriguing chests. Seating can include a chaise for napping, a comfortable reading chair and a sturdy place to put your socks on.

Flexible electric lighting and dimming systems are essential to bedroom design as we'll want to alter the mood in the room according to activities. (See "lighting".)Window dressings are another essential element in bedroom lighting as they control the daylight and provide privacy.  Sheers and translucent treatments diffuse natural light, and can be quite evocative.  Equally dramatic, draperies opened fully let in bright sunlight, a breeze and a spectacular view.  Window treatments also provide privacy at night when the majority of light is within the room, or black out all light for sleeping past dawn.

Not So Bashful Boudouirs: Bedroom Interior Design